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More and more women travel alone, or with girlfriends these days andSeefrancenow© is here for you! Seefrancenow© offers you: 

  • Planning Services – A do it yourself approach where you can purchase a detailed day-by-day itinerary along with all the booking and reservations to make your trip hassle free.
  • Travel Experience
    • An all inclusive small private guided experience where you can  join me on one of  the upcoming trips.
    • Experiences, full day or half days, planned with locals

What is planned for 2022?

With almost 2 years of not traveling, surely you are ready to go! France and the French are following all the precautions to help create a safe travel opportunity given we live in the COVID era. Here is what I can offer you:

  • Full Travel Planning** Services:
    • 6 hours of expert time to discuss your dream vacation, plan, book, and provide you a day-by-day itinerary as well as reservations and booking of any and all events/experiences you wish to plan for your dream vacation. Cost is $330 and additional hours are $35 per hour.
  • Travel Experience- Overnight, Day trips or half day trips:
    • Choose from a list of day trips and overnight trips by region and I will plan and book your trip with expert locals. Cost depends on your choices. Here are some examples
      • Champagne full day trip with train tickets from Paris $150 -$300 per person depending on time of the year and your wishes.
      • Versaille half day trip with train tickets and entry to the chateau, guided audio or tour. $50-$100 per person depending on your choice and time of the year.
      • Overnight trip to the land of the royal. Loire Valley is breathtaking and it is an easy overnight from Paris. YOU can stay in a Chateau, visit 3 of the most beautiful Chateau and visit/taste 2 of the famous Loire vineyards.
      • Overnight trip to the 2nd most visited and majestic Mont Saint Michelle. Price varies based on season and if you want guided tour or do it yourself.
  • Full Guided tours* by Seefrancenow. 8 or 10 Days Package Trip- Early April 2022 and Early August 2022
    • Paris– five nights in dreamy Paris with three experiences including two overnight trip to Champagne and the Loire Valley
    • The Wine country – Champagne and Burgundy – 3 nights and 4 days to explore the beautiful country side and sip wine and bubbly throughout this beautiful region.
    • Cullinary and Foodies– from cooking classes in Lyon to 2 micheline resturants of Paris! This Lyon/Paris package will include a day trip to Champange. Be ready to eat well and indulge in the best of French cuisine.
    • Provence – 5 nights and 6 days where we live the Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence and walk in the foot steps of Paul Cézanne, VanGough, Mattise, and many more in the in the Provence!
    • Alsace and the Grand Est. From Nancy to Strasbourg and Colmar- 5 nights and 6 days in the most beautiful villages of the Grand Est where you will explore life at a slower pace, drink the famous Alsace wine, visit theCapital of the European Union, and see the magic of the wine route villages.
    • Other regions- trips to Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (focus on villages of 2-3 regions) , Normandy, Brittany, Bordeaux, Auvergne, Toulouse, Limousine, and Charente costal region/Cognac are available upon request.

*All trip will have a 2 night stay in Paris as your book ends

**Planning Services

Each Itinerary is uniquely design with you in mind. For example based on the answers to the following questions, I would develop a full day-by-day itinerary for you, book all your lodging, reservations, excursions, culinary experiences and your local transportations!

  • How may days do you want to spend in France?
  • What time of the year do you want to go?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are your interests?
    • Culture and architecture such as museum, history and chateaux
    • Culinary and wine tasting
    • Outdoors and sports
    • Sea side relaxation and spa
    • Combination of the above
  • Who is traveling with you? Children/Pets/Family members/BFFs

Interested? Contact me today to get started for only $300 for your fully planned Itinerary and all the corresponding reservations.

Here is an example of what we did during our 2019 France experience ! Maximum  4 people per region/experience/group.

Two groups explored France during their time with Seefrancenow:

  • Paris and Surroundings (Versailles and Champagne), we shopped, explored Paris, ate great food and sipped hot wine to keep us warm in the cold month of January .
  • Normandie – where we indulge in the coastal hospitality, eat freshly caught seafood, the famous cheeses of Normandie, taste the wine and ciders, , walk in Monet’s footsteps in Giverny, and bask in the history and architecture of the Western France!
  • Provence  – One more trip to the lavender fields of Provence in June, this time Sault! We also visited some of its most beautiful villages, the Marseille’s calanques, Cassis and the  Mediterranean sea! 
  • Strasbourg and Colmar – As a solo traveler, I experience the Alsace region with its charming and unique villages, Vineyards of Colmar area, and the grandness of Strasbourg’s Cathedral and the European Union Center. 

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