Experience – Planning & Travel Services

More and more women travel alone, or with girlfriends these days andSeefrancenow© is here for you! Seefrancenow© offers you: 

  • Planning Services – A do it yourself approach where you can get a detailed day-by-day itinerary and all the planning that goes with it.
  • Travel Experience – An all inclusive guided experience where you can  join me on one of  the upcoming trips.

Are  you ready to explore France with small private group of friends (yours or mine)?

What is planned for 2020?

Before you know it 2020 will be here! As of today, we are going to:

  1. Champagne to sip and explore this bubbly region
  2. Provence where we plan to walk in the foot steps of Paul Cézanne and soak up the sun while people watching!

Interested? Contact me today to reserve your spot or ask about pricing:

Here is an example of what we did during our 2019 France experience ! Maximum  4 people per region/experience/group.

Two groups explored France during their time with Seefrancenow:

  • Paris and Surroundings (Versailles and Champagne), we shopped, explored Paris, ate great food and sipped hot wine to keep us warm in the cold month of January .
  • Normandie – where we indulge in the coastal hospitality, eat freshly caught seafood, the famous cheeses of Normandie, taste the wine and ciders, , walk in Monet’s footsteps in Giverny, and bask in the history and architecture of the Western France!
  • Provence  – One more trip to the lavender fields of Provence in June, this time Sault! We also visited some of its most beautiful villages, the Marseille’s calanques, Cassis and the  Mediterranean sea! 
  • Strasbourg and Colmar – As a solo traveler, I experience the Alsace region with its charming and unique villages, Vineyards of Colmar area, and the grandness of Strasbourg’s Cathedral and the European Union Center.