There is Paris, and then there is France

Discover France

From Paris to Provence, France is one of the most visited countries in the world, a tourist fascination and dream.  More and more women travel alone, or with girlfriends these days and Seefrancenow© is here for you, by offering you: 

  • Planning Services – A do it yourself approach, where you can get a detailed day-by-day itinerary and confirmed/purchased tickets and reservation to all your activities and events.
  • Travel Experience – An all inclusive guided experience, where you choose one of the upcoming trips and location and leave the rest to me! 

So, pick your choice of service and  just contact me to get started.

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My Story:

After my first trip to Paris, and years of studying the language,20160716_132609 all I wanted was figure out a way to live in France! How could I? With a kid, my work, my husband, family, my finance!! Oh it seemed impossible. Four years ago…

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What you will find on this site

This site is a collection of my discoveries and learning experiences, while exploring this beautiful country, beyond Paris. Throughout the site I share valuable  tips under these topics:

  •  Explore- this is where you may want to Get started, an overview of how you can save, plan and budget, where to go and explore,  Regions of France  ,with ease (including how to manage the daily essentials in each region/town,  like the locals,  from laundry, hair, nail, grocery shopping, to metro and trains).
  • Embrace – this is one must when traveling outside or your own country. In France, the cuisine is as much of the culture as is the language. Try one of the recipes I have listed for you to get used to the food so you don’t ask for substitutes when traveling.
  •  Experience – this is it! I can help you get everything organized or simply take you with me. Choose what works best for you.

May your dream of exploring, embracing and experiencing France…est juste là ( is just around the corner)!


  • Thank you so much for all of our adventures together in France, Faraz!❤ You have given me so many amazing memories, and I can’t wait to get more with you on our next trip. I absolutly recomend your services, not only as a friend but as a satisfied custumer! Lots of hugs from Norway ❤

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