There is Paris, and then there is France

Discover France

From Paris to Provence, France is one of the most visited countries in the world, a tourist fascination and dream.  This site is a collection of my discovery and learning experiences, while exploring this beautiful country, beyond Paris.

 I dreamed about going to France for many years, however, it took a long time before I really got to explore France beyond Paris. After my first trip to Paris, and years of studying the language,20160716_132609 I so wanted to live in France!

How could I? A kid, my work, my husband, family, my finance!! Oh it seemed impossible. 4 years ago, with full support of my family, I researched, planned, saved, negotiated with my work, to make my dream come true. After 27 years of working, I rewarded myself with an 8-week sabbatical to France! I signed up for French language school and began an amazing journey. As of May 2018, I have completed my 7th trip to France in less than 5 years! So, this site is written just for YOU and your dreams of traveling.

Throughout the site I share valuable  tips on how to:

  • Get started, by planning, budgeting and saving in advance.
  • Explore the breathtaking  Regions of France  with ease.
  • Manage Daily essentials in a foreign country  like locals,  from laundry, hair, nail, phone, internet connection to grocery shopping.

May your dream of exploring, embracing and experiencing France…est juste là ( just around the corner)!

Note: if you don’t want to explore on your own, just contact me to join the small explorer group.




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