My Story

Why France? At age 12, I was going to move to France, like many of my friends and family, who were departing Tehran, Iran for Paris!  But it wasn’t meant to be, instead I moved to US at age 15 before the Iranian revolution. Destiny brought me to California, where I kept that dream alive by studying French at the California State University of Sacramento. Obsessed with France, I kept taking French classes for years, in California and then in Seattle, my current home town. In 1994, I finally made it to Paris with my husband Paul! And the love affair with France was born.

Running to Rick Steve in Aix-en-Provence 2018

After my first trip to Paris, and years of studying the language, all I wanted was figure out a way to live in France!

 How could I? With a kid, my work, my husband, family, my finance!! Oh it seemed impossible. Four years ago, with full support of my family, I researched, planned, saved, negotiated with my work, to make my dream come true. After 27 years of working, I rewarded myself with an 8-week sabbatical to France! I signed up for French language school and began an amazing journey.

As of April 2019, I have made 9 trips to France and hope to continue with YOUR help!

Important Covid19 Travel Information: France, like many other countries are only allowing essential travelers into their country from US. So, if you are from US we got to wait a while, otherwise I can help you with your self-guided planning!

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