Dream, Plan and Save


Once you start tracking your expenses and figure out when you want to go, then estimate the total  cost by researching or contacting us, then begin to save!

Planning ahead is the BEST strategy. If you have a mileage  plan with one of your credit cards see if you can take advantage of it. If your bank or a local bank gives incentives to open an account then grow your savings and take advantage of it. I did. I opened a completely wp_20141008_14_58_06_proseparate Savings account at a different bank and never used it until I was ready to pay for my airline ticket. I avoided getting checks, debit card, ATM card or anything else that would have tempted me to spend that money.

Discipline is you next BEST strategy and best friend! I plastered various wall calendars from France with gorgeous photos of Paris, Provence, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Normandy etc. all over the house, and added the following sticky notes on each calendar month:

  • France or new shoes
  • France or new coat
  • France or cup of extra tall coffee
  • France or going out
  • France or ???

You get the idea? May your dream of saving to travel to France… est juste là! You can do it!