Dream, Plan and Save

One of my dearest friends always says to me that “it starts with a dream“.

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The real essence of dreaming and wanting, an intangible or tangible something, is whether you want it now or later. How do you feel when you think about the reality of your dream? Ecstatic? Overjoyed? Thrilled? Or just a simple delightful smile that warms your heart! Traveling is a dream for so many people around the world. YOU can make it happen, just decide how bad you want it, from there  start planning! Be sure to click on page 2, and 3 to get the whole scoop!


If you are reading this, you have already decided that France is your destination, so start planning, by simply answering these questions:plansave3

  • What type of trip do I want, budget/middle of the road/luxury?
  • Where and when do I want to go?
  • Can I afford it now or do I need to save?

Yes, I have savings and can go NOW! Super, evaluate your savings to determine the type of trip you want, then see budgeting section or  move on to the page When and Where to Go.

No, I don’t have savings and can’t go YET! No worries, look at your income and expenses. Write down what comes into your pot and what goes out!  Look at it again, track it for 2 months. Then figure out what you can cut back, what can you do without! Here is a helpful tracking spreadsheet that I used to get started with my “no savings” situation. Eventually, after several months of trying and failing, I was able to cut back almost $500 a month. Within one year, I had all I needed to go on my first 8 weeks long trip!

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