October 2019

France Calendar

It is hard to believe it was exactly 5 years ago I started my France Explore journey! This year, I am happy to let you know that my France Calendar is now available for order!

Choose from one of the two:

  • A Splendid Year in Provence $19.99 plus shipping
  • Paris je t’aime $19.99 plus shipping

All proceeds are donated to Feeding America. To order your copy before the holidays just email TODAY.

April 2019

Site Update

The site changes are now complete and Seefrancenow is officially offering Travel Planning and Experience Services! Click here to read more. 

Gilet Jaunes

The yellow vest, ordinary people of France, continue to demonstrate against the hike in gas prices. When traveling through Paris, Toulouse, Avignon, Rennes, Strasbourg, Lille, Marseille and many other major cities and towns, please use caution and try to avoid the demonstration areas. In Paris, the Gilet Jaunes are only allowed from La Defense to Place de Republic.

January 2019

Bonne année2019! will be going through a site make-over. Stay tune!

November 2018

On y vas a Paris! Happy to share with you that I plan to kick off 2019 with a Winter trip to Paris and surroundings! Won’t you join me? For more please see the brief overview and contact me! PARIS is ALWAYS a good idea.


July 2018 – World cup winners!

Allez Les Blues! France’s beloved soccer team won the world cup and made history! How happy were the French? Just look at this picture of the ecstatic  President Macron. Bravo Les Blues, photos are from Google search.

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May 2018 – Next Trip to France is…

I am thrilled to announce our next trip! You are ready to plan, pack, explore, experience and embrace France? dsc09903

  • Next trip is planned for end of August to Mid- Sept
  • We will be exploring the some of the Wine and Champagne regions with a few private chateaux/Winery. Then we will spend a few more days in the land of  royalty, the chateaux land of Loire Valley!

Contact me now so we can get the best deals for end of the touristy season.

Jan 2018

Happy new year! Hope your 2018 is going to be a great year filled with experiences that include a trip to France!

I started this News last year with the Bocuse d’Or winners and sadly I am starting this year’s News with Paul Bocuse’s passing . (Photo below is from Google images). 20180121_083014

The world has lost one of its culinary star! We are lucky to have had his influence in the art of eating worldwide. The culinary chefs mourn his passing. I am  happy to have had the opportunity to visit Lyon and learned more about Paul, his legacy will live on forever.  A special memorial is planned in Lyon on Sunday 1/28/2018 .

Repose en Paix Monsieur Bocuse.

Dec 2017

Loosing Johnny Hallyday on December 6th 2017 marks a milestone for the French Rock and Roll fan. With his Elvis like personality, charm, and stage presence Johnny Halladay was loved by the French! If  you are in Paris, don’t miss this emotional tribute to Johnny on Saturday December 9th 2017.

The route for his funeral procession includes the grand Champs-Elysees avenue, where the singer’s band is expected to play.

A ceremony will follow at the nearby Madeleine Church. Macron plans to make a brief speech. The words “Thank you Johnny” will be displayed on the Eiffel Tower during the weekend.

Here is one of his famous songs on Youtube.

Pose en paix Johnnyjohnny

Nov 2017

What are you doing in April of 2018?
Join me on one of the following France Experience:

    • Option A: April 17 to April 25th 2018

      Paris and Lyon France are two of the most beautiful cities in all of France.IMG_20170609_131000_976 If you love to explore and experience French cooking, Museum hopping, and exploring the charm of each city, then this is a trip for you! There are ONLY 2 spaces available.

    • Option B: April 17th to May 9th 2018

      From Paris to Bordeaux! We will be traveling through some of the most beautiful places in France. Starting with Paris, we will explore culinary delights, museum visits, and charming parts of the city that most tourists do not get to see. We will then go to Lyon for a full day of cooking classes and exploring more of Lyon.DSC09940 The trip continues with another 7 days through Provence including Nice and Aix-en-Provence. Bordeaux offers culture, culinary and the perfect wine to go with it!

    • There are ONLY 2 spaces available for each of these French experiences. Please contact me for additional details.

    May 2017

    Couple of big news!

    1.Say bonjour to the new French President, Emmanuel Macron.enmarche!

    2. I broke my wrist, so can’t write much in May!!!

    April 2017

    The French are busy with the first round of their presidential race. You may be reading about it in the news. There are many different parties that run for Presidency every 5 years. If a candidate gets 50% or more of the votes that candidate is the President. However, with so many parties, it is rarely possible.

    So, this year we are down to two candidates. May 7th is a day the whole world is waiting for! Will France follow England and US with a Nationalist President? We have to wait and see, either way France has rejected the status quo by selecting Macron and Le Pen to be in the final round!


    February 2017

    Today, February 26th,  is the day! We go live! d is officially live. So many thank YOUs to say. This site is for my beloved husband Paul and son Colin, whom have endured 4 years of my wandering France and being away from home. Love you so much.

    To Laurence, for all the years of French lessons, friendship and letting me crash at her house in Paris year after year, all her ideas, pictures, videos and more. Gross Bisous ma chere.

    To the Colledani family, love you all and thank you for hosting me in Strasbourg so many times and letting me drag you through parts of France. More memories to be made summer of 2017!

    To all my family and friends in US and France, you know who you are, love you for all the support, encouragement, opinions and love you have given me. Keep it coming, we are evolving.

    americanswinJanuary 2017

    United States wins the Paul Bocuse d’Or competition, the gold medal of the gastronomy Olympics , which was held in Lyon, France at end of January 2017! Click here to read all about it:  BocJause d’Or- Americans WIN!