May 2017

Couple of big news!

1.Say bonjour to the new French President, Emmanuel Macron.enmarche!

2. I broke my wrist, so can’t write much in May!!!

April 2017

The French are busy with the first round of their presidential race. You may be reading about it in the news. There are many different parties that run for Presidency every 5 years. If a candidate gets 50% or more of the votes that candidate is the President. However, with so many parties, it is rarely possible.

So, this year we are down to two candidates. May 7th is a day the whole world is waiting for! Will France follow England and US with a Nationalist President? We have to wait and see, either way France has rejected the status quo by selecting Macron and Le Pen to be in the final round!


February 2017

Today, February 26th,  is the day! We go live! d is officially live. So many thank YOUs to say. This site is for my beloved husband Paul and son Colin, whom have endured 4 years of my wandering France and being away from home. Love you so much.

To Laurence, for all the years of French lessons, friendship and letting me crash at her house in Paris year after year, all her ideas, pictures, videos and more. Gross Bisous ma chere.

To the Colledani family, love you all and thank you for hosting me in Strasbourg so many times and letting me drag you through parts of France. More memories to be made summer of 2017!

To all my family and friends in US and France, you know who you are, love you for all the support, encouragement, opinions and love you have given me. Keep it coming, we are evolving.

americanswinJanuary 2017

United States wins the Paul Bocuse d’Or competition, the gold medal of the gastronomy Olympics , which was held in Lyon, France at end of January 2017! Click here to read all about it:  BocJause d’Or- Americans WIN!