Faraz T Doan

In 2013, after years of thinking and planning to retire in France, she decided to travel, live, and learn French in France NOW!  She spent 6 weeks in Vichy, studied French and explored France. That trip gave her the permanent travel bug.

Today, Faraz has given up her work as a technical writer and designer in High Tech industry, to pursue her dream of traveling through France. She travels 4-6 weeks  few times a year to share, study French, and explore new towns and villages. She offers travel services  and shares the culture with friends, family and you!

Laurence UebersfeldF-L

Born and raised in Paris, Laurence grow up  in a family with an unmatched zest for education, travel and adventure. Laurence attended university of Paris and then traveled to  California to expand her academic adventure. Today, Laurence, is a successful documentary film maker, who travels the world and produces beautiful stories. Laurence has contributed her ideas, and guidance on exploring and sharing  her beloved Paris.

Other contributors 

In addition to her own photographs, her dearest friends Clelia Colledani photo-01-08-2016-19-49-16and Paul Zievers have also shared their wonderful photos from their day trips and vacations together.

Clelia, a young Alsacien student from Strasbourg and a dear friend, has captured many beautiful and amazing  moments of Normandy and Brittany. She has a definite talent!


Paul, a retired Doctor from Seattle, is a part time residence of beautiful Versailles. He is a true Francophone, an avid traveler and reader. Paul has also shared  many of his photos from exploring France.

Hopefully, we continue to benefit from their beautiful work.