There is Paris, and then there is France

Discover France

When was the last time you took the plunge and did something unexpected, adventurous, fun, and on your own? This site is for anyone who wants to explore, embrace, and experience  the French culture by visiting or living in France for short periods of time. However, without worrying about; where to go, when to go, what to do, how to get around, and how to manage important daily needs in a foreign country. Moreover, that is what makes this site different than other travel sites.

Like you, I dreamed about going to France, however, it took years before I was ready to take the plunge and explore France beyond Paris.

After my first trip to Paris, and years of studying the language,20160716_132609 I so wanted to live and immerse in the culture. It seemed unreal. how could I? My work, husband and a kid! This girl was seriously day dreaming! The only possible way seemed to be waiting until retirement! Yikes, that seemed to be such a long time away.

4 years ago, with full support of my family, I researched, planned, saved, negotiated with my work, to make my dream come true. After 27 years of working, I rewarded myself an 8-week sabbatical to France! I signed up for French language school and began an amazing journey.

Today, I began my 5th trip to France in 4 years! So, this site is written just for YOU. I like to share my experience and  knowledge of how to explore and discover France so you can take the plunge and explore! Throughout the site I share valuable  tips on how to:

  • Get started, by planning, budgeting and saving in advance.
  • Explore the breathtaking  Regions of France  with ease.
  • Manage Daily essentials in a foreign country  like locals,  from laundry, hair, nail, phone, internet connection to grocery shopping.

May your dream of exploring, embracing and experiencing France…est juste là, just around the corner!

Note: if you don’t want to explore on your own, just contact us to join the small explorer group.