Art of Eating


 Butter, Wine, Cheese, and more please…

The French are MASTERS of gastronomy, the study of the relationship between food and culture, art of preparing and serving rich or delicate and appetizing food, a style of cooking of particular region, and the art of good eating!

I think if you want to really dig into French food, spend time and shop at the daily open markets, specialty shops, patisseries, and even grocery store’s cheese and meat departments! Then have a picnic! Your senses will thank you!!!!

For all, and specially luxury, travelers, I have splurged and gone to a few 1 and 2 Michelin étoile restaurants you can read about my most recent and delightful experiences (bottom of the page). Maybe you want to have this heavenly experience, highly recommended.

French food is also easy to make, well not really but it can be! Under the recipe section, you will find monthly recipes that I found reasonable to make when at home. My favorite French food recipe site is Marmiton it offers lots of videos, you don’t have to know French to watch cooking videos.

If you are interested in list of restaurants, check out the Explore France by regions, I have added many links throughout the pages.

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Paul Bocuse – Lyon

Heaven can wait until I indulge in the mastery of Bocuse! There are 6 ways you can indulge in the Mastery of Paul Bocuse’s , father of France’s Nouvelle Cuisine, gastronomy. YOU can:

  1.  Reserve a lunch or dinner, ultimate luxury, at  his 3 star beautiful restaurant L’Auberge du pont de collonges 4 Kilometer north of Lyon.
  2. Choose one his 4 brassieres in Lyon, Le Nord, l’Est, Le Sud and l’Ouest, each of which specializes in a different aspect of French cuisine. L’Est is so beautiful and it is in the most Bourgeois quartier of Lyon!
  3. Although this isn’t the “Michelin” star restaurant, but if you want Bocuse’s style food, but can’t afford any of his restaurants, “L’institut de Paul Bocuse” in heat of Bellcours in Lyon is a MUST. And this is where I went!

The students are cooking top notch heavenly delights under the careful guide of a Master Chef. I died and went to heaven with every bite! The service is superb, the food is beautifully presented and simply beyond delicious, and you can watch the students make your food, while the Chef Cyril Bosviel checks each plate and puts the final touches on it! Reservation is required and the base price for 3 course is currently, 2017, at 48 Euros!

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Guy Martin- Le Grand Vefour – Paris

Beautiful, grand, suave, delectable … the adjectives to describe my superb and wonderful experience at Le Grand Vefour are endless. However, the delectable array of food combined with the most attentive service in the oldest restaurant in Paris is what gives you an unforgettable culinary experience. An experience that explains why the French are master of gastronomy. Guy Martin and his 2 étoile restaurant will not disappoint you. I loved every minute of my 2 1/2 hours lunch and wish I had more time. I sat in Napolean’s and Josephine’s seat, what an amazing place! Lunch will run oh around 135 Euros, but well worth it.

Tip: Do not eat a large meal the day before and the day of! You will need room to explore, embrace and experience the art of eating.

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