Winter 2019 – From Paris to Toulouse

Winter in France offers not only a less expensive travel, but also . less tourists. With January and early February known as the BEST months of SHOPPING, you can explore beautiful towns and villages, shop, enjoy culinary experiences, and come home with a suitcase of memories.

I was lucky enough to travel with two sets of ladies this winter: three lovely ladies from US and then two friends from Norway and France. Winter 2019 took me from Paris to Champagne, Toulouse, Marseilles/Provence! I
I wrapped up this winter trip with a visit to the beautiful Alsace, Colmar and Strasbourg, and then to heavenly Bretagne.

If you decide to travel on your own to Toulouse or Paris, or Provence, drop me a note for a customized itinerary. Or better yet, come along on the next adventure, see 2019 Experience for more details.

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