Burgundy from Chablis to Beaune

Vineyards of Burgundy are quite different from the ones in Bordeaux, Loire Valley or the Champagne regions of France, but then so are the wines!

My first trip was in 2014! I spent a day in Beaune and drove to Autun and stayed the night at a near by Le Cresut. Promising myself to go back to this beautiful region. My first trip was in autumn and I only took a few photos because driving was not easy. But what I did learn is that the villages of Burgundy are really quite charming and beautiful. Here are a few photos of my first trip. Fast forward to Sept of 2018!

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Sometimes second time around is much better! YES, going back to Beaune and Chablis the second time, I realized how much I had missed!

This time I focused on learning more about the wine, the food, the city’s charm and history, living like the locals, and of course visiting the Domaines.

More coming soon…



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