Bordeaux & Basque Country

A mesmerizing combination of royalty and viticulturist history! Bordeaux was a place of take it or leave it for me, when I started exploring France. But,  I met an amazing young Bordelais on a flight back to US one year and she changed my mind. Emmanuel spoke of her region with passion and pride. She boasted of Bordeaux’s Paris like beauty and the relaxed and hospitable Provence like habitants. The gentle and kind woman I met, and became friends with, lost her life in a trouble winter accident last year. Bordeaux will forever be Emmanuel’s beautiful home to me, and I walk in her footsteps whenever I go to Bordeaux. This page is dedicated to you beautiful friend.

Where to start

You can fly from Paris to Bordeaux directly,  take the French Trains SNCF, or arrive in luxury large cruise ship via the lift bridge, Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas of the River Garonne! Either way, Bordeaux is a destination easily traveled to. Many countries have direct flights to Bordeaux.

Upon arrival: on your own, with me, or a tour, I highly recommend you stop at the Office de Tourisme and buy a 24 to 72 hours City Pass. Not only your pocket book will thank you and so will your feet! You can ride the state of the art Tram way anywhere in town with your Pass and many museums, walking tours and double decker tours are free with the pass!


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Bordeaux Wine Regions

What do you need to know about Bordeaux’s wine region? Well that depends on your pocket book. Either way, you can’t go wrong as everyone can find something to like when it comes to drinking wine. The classifications are: Bordeaux

Left bank – mostly your high end wine like Medoc, and Graves (Sauternes) areas. Prices can go up to hundreds of dollars.

Right bank – more every day drinkable red wines of Libournai ( Saint-Emillion and Pomerol) and the Bourg and Blaye (cognac and Malbec).

Entre Deux Mere – new discovery for me! Between the right and the left bank you are treated to most amazing aromatic and light white wine ever.

I am not an expert in wine, other than the fact I enjoy drinking French wine. To explore more of the Bordeaux wine read this great article.

Don’t Miss

More coming soon…

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