Spring in France – April 2018 What a Trip!

Paris in April! So many of us are familiar with that dreamy sentence. Three happy women and three lovely family members, free of care for 3 weeks, joined me in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Provence and Bordeaux from April 16th to May 9th.

We indulged in the best of Paris’s sites while experiencing a beautiful part of the culture, through food. Le Grand Vefour welcomed us with impeccable French Cuisine (you may recall it from Woody Allen’s Paris in Midnight…7 minutes into the movie the family has lunch at the very place!) . We explored the Seine on the Batobus and indulged in timeless works of art at the Orsay. We then went off to Lyon and learned how to cook with Lucy at the Lyon Plum Kitchen, and of course all fell in love with Provence as we reminisced our wonderful trip from Winery to Winery in the  Bordeaux region! And how serendipitous that we ran into the travel guru, Rick Steves in Aix-en-Provence!

Instead of me telling you all about Spring in France, let’s just look at these beautiful photos.

Do you want to join me on my next trip?

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  1. What a great trip!! Faraz planned every last detail and thought of everything! We have the most wonderful time. I’m looking forward to our next adventure in May 2020!! Wahooooooo! Terri


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