Let’s Go to France…April 2018!

April is here and we are off to FRANCE in 17 days! The April trip is now fully booked. Do you still want to join me?  Join me the next France Experience in late August 2018 to Mid-Sept 2018. More coming soon. .

Paris, Lyon and Nice – 10 days’ Experience: April 17 to April 27th 2018

Paris and Lyon are known to be two of the most beautiful cities in all of France. And Nice is a perfect romantic painting by Matisse!

If you love to explore and experience Art, culture, and cuisine then this option is for YOU!

The first part of the trip, four days, we explore the city of Paris, known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, consist of:

  • Visiting some of the most beautiful sites of Paris from the River Seine and by foot.
  •  Reveling in the world of art at two museums such as; Musee d’Orsay, Rodin, Musee de Mode, and Louvre.
  • A lunch experience at one of the finest French cuisine, 2 Michelin star La Grand Vefour.
  • Visit to some of the charming parts of the city that most tourists do not get to see.
  • And a bit of free to sit at Café and people watch.

The second part of the trip, three night and four days, will take us on the SNCF train to the beautiful city of Lyon,  big yet small enough of a city where you can really get a sense of  how the French outside of Paris live. This historic Galo-Roman city offers charm and the unmatched culinary reputation, after all Lyon is the heart of French cuisine! We start our days with:

  • Exploring Lyon from the top, with a visit  to the most beautiful sites of Lyon; Notre-Dame Fourvier, the old town, and the Gallo Roman Theater/Museum.
  • Experience the ultimate culinary fest at the Institute de Paul Bocuse , where the top future chefs of France plate delicious and beautiful food with flare!
  • Embracing French cooking one step further by spending a whole day of market shopping and cooking at the Plum, a wonderful cooking school taught in English (space is limited and cooking at the Plum can’t be guaranteed passed January 1, 2018).
  • A visit to the historic Silk making area of Lyon.
  • A bit of free to sit at Café and people watch.

We wrap this trip with 2 night and 3 days in beautiful Nice!

Optional, based on program availability: concert at the Sainte-Chappell in Paris, an Opera/musical program at the Lyon Opera.

Complete!!!!!! We are booked for Paris and Lyon and 2 days of Nice!

Provence and Bordeaux 14 days’ Experience, April 26th to May 9th 2018

The first part of this 21 days adventure is booked!

So, you can join me from Nice to Bordeaux and a day in Paris!

We will be traveling through some of the most beautiful places in France. Starting with Nice and Aix-en-Provence where  we will explore culinary delights, museum visits, followed by for acooking classes and exploring Wines of South of France, Provence and then Bordeaux.DSC09940 The trip continues with another 7 days through the breath taking Provence including , Arles and Marseille. From the laid back south of France we head to the wine world of Bordeaux  where you will experience culture, culinary, and of course the perfect wine to go with it! More details will be added in December.


Please contact me for additional details.


  1. Faraz did such a great job showing us and taking us around France while we were visiting this summer. She explained the complex metro and helped us navigate to get around successfully. She recommended the hop on hop off boat which was excellent. She had a great knowledge of the city and knowledge of the culture and history. She takes great care of you and loves showing you France. She makes me you feel safe and watches out for you when you are with her. I highly recommend letting her show you France and would go again with her.


  2. To whomever is thinking of going to France and using Faraz ss their guide….. DO IT !!!
    I cant tell you how much anxiety she saved me, how well organized, planned out, timely and well educated on France she is. I won’t go back unless she is involved. My kids absolutely adored her ( and the fresh croissants she brought on some mornings ). Her knowledge of French language, culture and food amazed me. and by using her, it actually made my trip so much more pleasant, that I actually enjoyed my trip a great deal more. I couldn’t believe it when she came to pick us up one day with several umbrellas, as it was expected to rain that morning. She has a take charge personality and knows her way around the metro, airports and cultural sites….. she is a must !!


    1. Ah, thank you Carlos! You and your daughters were so much fun, I so appreciated your enthusiasm for everything we did. Shopping with the girls was a blast. Hope to help you and the family on your next trip.


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