Summer 2017- Paris, Provence, Brittany

My second trip to France this year was filled with learning! Not the language, but exploring an ambitious attempt to determine if I want to become a guide for others!

Much to my surprise, I realized that my happiest self in France is when I am exploring freely without an agenda! So, I decided to continue and help others to explore France by providing ideas, suggestions and details versus being their guide.

So what did I explore this summer? Beautiful Brittany, Paris, and Provence!


With so much time in Paris, I really got to see Paris in a new light this time! as a guide, I had to discover a bit more of Paris and since I didn’t work full time this summer, I actually got to see several breathtaking sunsets on the Seine.


Nice and St. Tropez

From Alain Delon to Bridgett Bardo to Bikinis! Everyone knows the beaches of South of France offer something…je ne sais quoi!


Provence and the Lavenders

Oh those sunflowers mixed with lavenders take your breath away! June is the only time you can catch this beautiful natural marriage of colors! I hope I get to see my favorite part of Provence for many years to come.








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