Daily Essentials

I need a pedicure!!!! When you are visiting a foreign country, it helps to know where to go and access the basics, from grocery shopping to pharmacy, to hair cut, to laundry mat, shoe repair, to Spa, to internet access and more.

Throughout the site, we have offered you the Daily Essentials under each sections of a region.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled the list by region on this page. During your travels, if you find something super valuable and think we should share it with our readers, please leave a comment and we will happily add it! Thanks in advance.

Paris & Surroundings

  • Least expensive way to get a shampoo and blow dry is through TChip , click on the Trouve votre salon link on the page (scroll down a bit)
  • Saint-Denise : Shopping is great at Avenue Marque. A quick metro ride on #13, you exit at the Marie en-Quo and take bus #237 for 2 euros. Happy shopping.
  • Versailles: Don’t miss out the year around market, the fish market is fantastic and if you are up for Confit de Canard (roasted duck) you can buy a cured one ready to go in the oven.









Massif Central – Vichy



















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