Brittany (Bretagne)

Brittany is like an open museum of beauty captured on a post card!

It covers 5% of France, has over 400,000 visitors a year, and offers: BUTTER, blue ocean, varying landscape, islands, oldest famous crepes (Gallet- see recipe page),  great seafood, Celtic heritage and ancient architecture! When the weather is nice, it is like no other region because of its beautiful land and ocean combination.

Bretons take their history and ongoing influence on France very seriously, so seriously that every year they embraces their history in a full fledge renaissance fair in July throughout the region. Every town has some sort of a festival in July.

They have a similar term to US’s  “don’t mess with Texans” ? Really they do,  Bretagne  is known for its individuality and uniqueness in comparison to rest of France, hence the cliché term  “Les Bretons sont tous têtus“! This term implies that no one should mess with them politically or socially, because they are hot headed!

I have visited Brittany twice, howerver, I must spent longer time there. Therefore, in summer of 2017 I plan to go back and explore a bit more of this beautiful region. First time visitors can start with the beautiful, quaint and historic Saint-Malo and  Rennes, a bit of La Mer et La Terre.

More coming in March 2017.



The entire city, or I should say most of it, was rebuilt after WWII. In my favorite book of all time, The Lights We Can’t See, Saint-Malo is perfectly described. When you walk the streets of this beautiful and small sea side town, you walk through history on each cobble stone. Or when you hike to the memorial of Chateaubriand, father of romanticism in French literature, Saint-Malo will amaze you and delight you with its breath taking views.

More coming in April 2017

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The capital of Bretagne and a large university town, offers  music, food, art, and fun during the school year and tranquility during the summer!

Coming in April 2017.

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Coming in April 2017

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Finister Area

Coming summer of 2017